Fiona Condon


Fiona is an award-winning actress.  She is an Arts graduate from UCC and she also holds a 1st Class Diploma, in Drama Education from Trinity College, Dublin.  Since graduating, Fiona has consistently worked across Stage, TV and Film.  Fiona’s love of music has allowed her to work in A & R in the music industry and to also perform as a professional musician.  She has also worked as a teacher and continues to enjoy her work with children/ young people with Asperger’s Syndrome.
Currently featuring, in Short Film ‘ Rockmount’, winner of best Drama Short, Galway Film Fleadh July 2014. Trailer:
Also currently appearing in ‘Under Milkwood’ by Dylan Thomas, directed by Geoff Gould, for West Cork Fit-up Festival until 18th August 2014.